Dental Check Up or Examinations Made Easy with Jervis Bay Smiles

When it's time for your next dental check up, don't despair. These days a visit to the dentist can be a non-event. Our office is a friendly place, and we go out of our way to ensure that you are comfortable and feel relaxed.

Because we believe that oral health should be seen as part of a holistic wellness approach, we take the time to discuss preventative care and dental hygiene habits that will help you keep your teeth for life and minimise emergency visits to the dentist.

Holistic Approach to Oral Health

First consider that your mouth is part of your body, in other words, what you put in your mouth will find its way into the rest of the system. If you neglect oral care, you will pay the price with gingivitis, periodontal disease and eventually diabetes, arthritis and even cardiac issues. The culprit, of course, Is chronic inflammation caused by gum disease or worse.

Basic dental hygiene is therefore very important to ensure a healthy body and mind. No-one with chronic pain or inflammation can function at an optimum level after all.

It is best to steer clear of fluoride toothpaste. Once thought to strengthen tooth enamel and help build resistance against tooth decay, we now understand that too much of a good thing is indeed not such a wise idea. Swallowing the substance interferes with cognitive and physiological processes. It can also lead to fluorosis or the permanent decolouration and pitting of tooth enamel. If you have specific concerns, speak to your dentist about toothpaste alternatives.

Ask your dentist about mercury-free dental care and consider having any existing mercury fillings removed. Once thought to be a miracle metal we now understand that prolonged exposure to mercury can lead to a variety of health issues including "mad hatters' disease". While existing fillings are unlikely to cause a problem, decayed fillings may be cause for concern. Take care to exclude the use of mercury fillings when you take your child to the dentist. Mercury being bio-accumulative poses the most alarming effect while children are growing.

Proper dental care is based on the twice a day routine we all know so well, brush, floss and rinse. An excellent way to keep inflammation to the minimum is to use an anti-bacterial or salt-based mouthwash. Keep in mind that not all bacteria are harmful, so don't overdo the anti-microbial rinsing. A good rule of thumb is to use it as and when needed and use a salt rinse for every day.

Eating healthily cannot be overstressed. A balanced diet includes protein, fibres and all the vitamins and minerals we need. Leafy greens and fruit should be part of your staples. Avoid sugary cereals and drinks and enjoy sweets sparingly. They are indeed not good for your waistline or your canines and molars.

Dental check up in Jervis Bay

Last, but surely not the least is going for a regular check up instead of waking up with a numbing toothache that will mean an emergency appointment. Sadly, once the pain is there, the interventions may be not as pleasant. Luckily we believe in pain-free dentistry and will do our best to keep you comfortable even if you need a root canal or extraction to heal the inflamed region. Let us help you with dental examinations at Jervis Bay Smiles. Contact us today or use the online tool to secure a booking.

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