Get Single and Multi-Tooth Dental Implants at Jervis Bay Smiles in Vincentia

Our smiles are one of the first things people notice when they meet us. This fact is problematic if you're not happy with our smile's appearance. Smile insecurity can make you come off as awkward, cold, and uncaring; not an ideal first impression. Ditch the shame and restore your authentic ear-to-ear grin with dental implants in Vincentia at Jervis Bay Smiles.

Since 1992, we've kept men, women, children, and families' smiles healthy and white across NSW. Affordable pricing, convenient appointment availability, comprehensive care, and partnerships with leading oral health specialists are just some of the qualities that set us apart. Come in for a full evaluation and we'll discuss the logistics of electing a grouped or individual tooth implant in Vincentia.

How to Find Natural-Looking Dental Implants in Vincentia

Multiple factors play a roll in tooth deterioration. Trauma can chip a tooth or knock teeth out. Teeth can rot due to improper root canals, pervasive gum and periodontal disease, and illicit drug use. Dental professionals sometimes use extraction to halt a disease's progression, but that leaves a hole, and adjacent teeth may shift to accommodate itófurther distorting your original smile.

A tooth implant is attached to the jawbone, creating a natural appearance. No one will know your secret. Dental implants are part of a section of dentistry that requires specific training and tools. Our Vincentia clinic has invested in both to provide top-quality implant solutions to our patients.

While implants restore your smile and social confidence, they should still be considered a last resort. When you come in for your tooth implant consultation, we'll run a comprehensive oral and medical history to assess your condition and determine if implants are right for you.

Should you choose to move forward, we'll start by extracting the remaining tooth or teeth from the implantation site. Next, we carefully fold back the gum to gain access to the jawbone. Over six months, subsequent visits will slowly expand the root site's diameter and depth. Then, we carefully place and secure the tooth implant. Over the following weeks and months, the surrounding gum tissues heal, anchoring the dental implant.

Jervis Bay Smiles Restores Your Best Feature

There's no judgement at Jervis Bay Smiles--just education, compassion, and support. Our goal is to optimise your oral health no matter your teeth's condition or how they got that way. We meet you where you are and take the time to explain your oral health status, developing concerns, disease progression, and options for restoration. As we believe dental health is necessary for overall health, we consult other health professionals to implement treatment plans that are safe, effective, and account for your unique history.

We're located adjacent to the Vincentia Shopping Village and have our own car park. Our quiet, spacious, and relaxing clinic features a large aquarium and plenty of natural light. We maintain standard business hours during the week and offer Saturday appointments by request. We're committed to continual education and keeping our facility stocked and our team trained on the latest equipment and procedures, ensuring you're always getting the best care in the industry.

Call to schedule your dental implant consultation and let's work together to revitalise that beautiful smile.

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