Dreading a Root Canal? Need Porcelain Veneers? Find Your Caring, Proactive Family Dentist in Vincentia

Our bodies are fine-tuned machines in which multiple interlocking systems work together to maintain healthy living. No internal system works independently. Optimal health relies on homeostasis, or an equilibrium between interdependent biological elements through physiological processes.

Many patients don't realise that poor oral health can directly affect our overall health. Jervis Bay Smiles is a family dentist providing comprehensive preventative, restorative, cosmetic, and complex dental services in Vincentia, NSW. Whether you need a cleaning, root canal, or porcelain veneers, our Vincentia clinic provides top-quality care in a relaxing environment with compassionate and continually re-educated staff members.

A Family Dentist Explains Your Teeth's Role in Overall Health

Think of all the things that go into your mouth. As the biggest portal to our insides, the mouth serves as the entry point for food, water, non-edibles (pens, fingers, etc.), and many viruses and bacteria. These contaminants settle on teeth and gums' porous surfaces, which is why dentists recommend for us to brush and floss twice daily.

While these toothy tasks are admittedly tedious, neglect has ominous consequences. Bacteria works its way under the gumline, triggering an inflammation response. Painful swelling may lead to a puss-filled abscess, indicating infection. Bacteria from this infection may not stay put and can travel throughout the body, triggering infection elsewhere. Scientists have discovered oral bacteria in clogged artery plaque, leading them to believe there may even be a link between dental health and cardiovascular disease. Early attention reduces the likeliness of more invasive treatments such as a root canal or extraction.

With regards to diabetes, quick attention can prevent a dangerous cycle of inflammation, infection, and high blood sugar. The body struggles to utilise insulin medications when our gums are inflamed. This struggle leaves elevated blood sugar unchecked. Cyclically, high blood sugar increases gum disease's occurrence. If you do not properly address it with the help of a family dentist, gum disease can progress to the bones (periodontal disease) which often results in root canals, extraction, or the need for porcelain veneers.

The Best and Nothing Less at Jervis Bay Smiles

Dental problems are painful. When we anticipate an equally painful treatment, we often go against our best interests and avoid seeing our family dentist. Invariably, the problem worsens and gets more expensive as time passes. When ignored, what started as a mild discomfort can result in replacing your teeth with porcelain veneers. While this solution can be a great option for those who need it, proactive dental care can ensure these advanced treatments don't enter your life univited.

We aim to reduce dental anxiety by encouraging a proactive response to suspected problems and a commitment to regular preventative care. Bi-annual dental visits keep your teeth clean and polished, but they also check for problematic indicators. Just as with cars, proactive maintenance is cheaper than a responsive approach.

Operating since 1992, our family dentist has gained a reputation for compassion and skill. We work with the latest equipment and train and recertify regularly to ensure our practices are on pace with the cutting-edge of dentistry. Treatment plans are put together after a comprehensive medical evaluation; we base these plans on each patient's medical history. We collaborate with exceptional oral health specialists near Vincentia and will refer you to them if your needs exceed our clinical abilities.

Our clinic is peaceful, optimises natural light, and features gardens and a large aquarium. Parking is readily available, and we're conveniently located adjacent to the Vincentia Shopping Village. We keep pricing accessible and affordable for all procedures and we are a Medicare registered provider. Saturday appointments are available, too. Contact us to start your family on the path to life-long oral (and overall) health.

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