How we make your treatment as pleasant as possible...

At Jervis Bay Smiles, we understand undergoing dental treatment can bring about anxiety. We understand this and aim to comfort you during your visit.

Here are some examples of how we ensure your comfort and provide for a happy & friendly visit to the dentist.

We have pleasant decor in the treatment areas as well as a nice open aspect to the garden.

Photos of the area adorn the walls as well as the works from some local artists.

Everything is fresh and well lit, with as much natural lighting as possible.

We use also magnification and a number of light sources to save our eyes and get a lot more control over what we're seeing and doing.

We have soothing music playing, or you can bring your own selection and we do try to keep the scent of our office as un-dental as possible.

We will offer you special glasses to protect you from any debris that may become airborne during procedures and lip balm if you need it.

You can be pre-medicated with latest sedatives if you like, usually taken an hour before treatment, they can take the edge off any dental procedure.. however, afterwards you will need someone to drive you home.

If you need a local anaesthetic you can have a little numbing gel rubbed onto the gum to allow the injection to be almost undetected. When we inject we do so with finely bevelled siliconized needles.. and we inject slowly.

We do use a computerised delivery system and this makes life a whole lot easier.

With our advanced air abrasion unit, many dental procedures can be done without any local anaesthetic at all... it's a great little unit for cleaning and refreshing things.