Is Root Canal therapy for me?

Root canal therapy is a considerably complex dental procedure, however is in some cases necessary to save a tooth.

Dr. Davidoff & Jervis Bay Smiles has years of experience providing treatment and ensure that if you require this procedure, it will be conducted to best abilities. We'll provide you comfort and assurance throughout all stages of treatment and are happy to answer any questions asked.

Here are answers to some common questions on root canal therapy treatment.

What are the signs of needing root canal treatment?

The signs you should be looking for include pain, lingering sensitivity to hot or cold, swelling beside the tooth, the tooth is loose, tenderness on chewing or touching the tooth, throbbing and waking you up at night.

Why is root canal therapy necessary?

Root canal therapy becomes necessary when the tissue inside the root of the tooth (the pulp) becomes infected or inflamed. This can be caused by a number of reasons such as:

  • deep decay
  • a crack
  • a blow to the tooth
  • when doing a filling on a tooth that has already been filled a number of times over the years

If left unattended it can cause pain and may abscess. This can produce a lot problems. We have known of people hospitalised over abscessed teeth.

How does Root Canal treatment save the tooth?

The dentist will remove the pulpal tissue and will carefully shape and clean the canals of the tooth using specilialised files and disinfectants and afterwards will seal the root canal system with a warmed natural latex rubber which contains fillers so it can be seen on X ray.

Lastly, a filling will be placed on the tooth and it will function like any other tooth. If too much tooth substance has been lost, you may be advised to have crown placed on it.

Is it painful?

Root canals are performed to relieve pain of toothache by removing the associated infection and inflammation. With proper precautions and careful and modern anaesthetic techniques most patients say they felt no discomfort during the procedure.

Sometimes a tooth may be sensitive for a few days, especially if there was a lot pain and infection pre-existing. We prepare you for this situation.