Where does my crown come from?

Recent news and current affair programs have highlighted the fact that certain contaminants (specifically lead) have been found in crowns that have been made by overseas dental labs.

Unless you ask, how would you know? Most of us would assume dental work is done here by Australian laboratories using accredited dental technicians, and in the past this was true..

However, in the new global economy, everything is changing including dentistry. With increased competition and shrinking profits, it's all too easy for a dentist to outsource crowns and dentures to cheaper overseas labs.

While it is true that most, if not all dental materials come from overseas (mainly USA, Germany, Italy, Japan and Lichtenstein) - they must all be granted approval for use in dentistry by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and with strict controls. How can these specific guidelines be met by labs in a different country where labour costs are way below ours?

Where's the quality control? Where's the standard if you're only getting a few cents per item?

At least in Australia there is accountability through regulation and strict quality control.... and you can actually ring and speak to the person who did the work if there's a problem. Imagine the fallout here in Australia if someone got caught using contaminated or poisonous materials.

At Jervis Bay Smiles we only use Australian accredited dental labs and materials.... and have done so for 30 years.