Your first visit with us..

Jervis Bay Smiles welcomes new patients - we'd love to get to know and understand you and your family's dentistry requirements.

With your permission, we'll perform a comprehensive assessment of your teeth and smile. We'll conduct reports, x-rays, study models and whatever else may be required. If we find anything of concern, we'll give you the options available.

We'll also explain the benefits of what we can offer to you, as well as any risks which may be incurred.

We usually provide take home information in which you can do your own research which with our advice will assist you in making a decision about treatment.

In the case of complex treatment requirements, we may need make a second consultation after additional tests have been ordered; this will be at no cost to you.

If so required, we will recommend you then consider a detailed and costed treatment plan. On it's completion we will ensure you receive regular dental checkups and the necessary hygiene care.

Usually on your first visit we will give you a clean.