About Jervis Bay Smiles..

Jervis Bay Smiles is a family dental practice located in Vincentia, New South Wales. We provide comprehensive dental care to residents of the Bay and Basin and surrounding areas.

Many dentists simply provide a "drill, fill & bill" method of service, where there is little room for open discussion or friendly conversation. We choose not to do things that way.

The Jervis Bay Smiles team rather prefer close relationships with patients and clientelle. We've found that forging personal relationships enables for amore relaxed and friendly working atmosphere.

Many of our patients actually enjoy a visit to the dentist... while that may come across as slightly odd, we do spend quite a lot of time at our dental practice.

We'd much rather the more pleasurable patients that we have become friendly with.. and trust.

Dentistry can be an overwhelming prospect for many people. We aim to reduce the stress of dental treatment, making life more happy for all of us.

If you would like more information, we encourage you to enquire by contacting our surgery by phoning us or using our online contact form to request a call back.