Technology to keep us on the leading edge.....

In order to make that step into dentistry of the 21st century it is necessary to invest in new and appropriate equipment to make everyone's life a lot easier.. digital radiography, lasers, air abrasion and magnification are almost mandatory in today's dental arena.

Jervis Bay Smiles provides you with this technology and more.

How we use our technology..

  • To minimise radiation we use digital radiography.
  • For enhanced visibilty we use microscopes and loupes.
  • For minimally invasive dentistry we use air abrasion.
  • We use lasers for soft tissue management and diagnosis .
  • To minimise injection discomfort we use a computerised anaesthetic delivery system.
  • For endodontic procedures we use electronic apex locators (for length determination), single use files whether they be stainless steel or titanium , specialised handpieces , ultrasonics and thermoplastic root fillers ..