Teeth extraction and wisdom tooth removal..

An extraction is the removal of one or more teeth from their socket within the jaw bone. This ensures all components of the tooth are removed, including the root.

In some cases, crowding of the mouth due to misaligned growth requires one or more teeth to be removed. Extractions are particularly prominent prior to, or during, orthodontic treatment.

In infants and children, removal of "baby teeth" is often warranted to make room for permanent teeth if it is assessed that an existing tooth will block the path and inhibit eruption.

The eruption of wisdom teeth can often result in pain or discomfort. Wisdom teeth removal is a common dental procedure many adults undertake.

Extractions are also required when a tooth is deemed beyond repair with no other treatment options are available to restore it to original health. This can occur when a tooth is subject to excessive decay, infection, trauma or other conditions making recovery impossible.

Dr. Davidoff & the Jervis Bay Smiles team are highly experienced in performing tooth extraction procedures and ensure a hygienic, careful and controlled approach during tooth removal.

What to expect during an extraction

Dental extractions are usually a straight forward procedure and are completed in one visit. The following steps are usually undertaken during an extraction procedure.

  • The requirement for an extraction is established. If other treatment options are viable, they will be presented and discussed with you.
  • Dr. Davidoff & our team will prepare you for the extraction procedure, ensuring you are completely comfortable prior to commencement.
  • Prior to the extraction, a numbing agent will be administered. This is typically an aesthetic agent delivered via injection to the effected area.
  • Forceps will be used to gently break the tooth away from the jaw and to loosen it from the fibrous connective tissue.
  • The tooth is completely removed from the mouth and assessment of the socket and gums is undertaken to ensure clotting occurs.
  • Gauze is applied to the gum to help with bleeding. If required, further pain relief will be administered or prescribed to you.

Once the procedure is complete, Dr. Davidoff will provide advice on how to ensure your best recovery and to prevent infection. Dr. Davidoff and the team will also discuss replacement options for extracted teeth, if so desired.