Laser Therapy......

Lasers are devices which produce a concentrated, narrow beam of energy in the form of light. Lasers have been used in dentistry since the 1990's and are a safe & effective means of assisting with a wide range of dental procedures.

The energy produced by a laser provides a controlled means of shaping and removing tissue within the mouth.

The use of lasers in dentistry removes the need for using a drill and anaesthetic in some circumstances. This relieves pain and discomfort which may be experienced through such traditional dental techniques.

Using lasers during treatment often shortens the time to heal and can reduce the symptoms and effects of dental treatments. The precise nature of laser therapy also ensures surrounding tissue is minimally affected.

The use of our accredited dental laser therapy is of course, safe. Our team will provide all the required protection during your procedure, including safety glasses to protect your eyes from the laser.

We have lasers that will...

  • give early detection of cavities
  • disinfect gum pockets in gum disease
  • disinfect root canal systems
  • remove and reshape over enlarged and inflamed gums
  • reduce tissue inflammation and stimulate healing
  • help heal viral lesions of the mouth such as cold sores

Our team will gladly discuss the appropriateness of laser therapy during your treatment.