Emergencies and urgent dental care..

We understand emergencies are a fact of life. Our team has provided for efficient and effective handling of all types of accidents and emergency dental situations.

These situations can relate to accidents, unforseen breakages or even a persistent toothache which has become a significant problem.

In case of a dental emergency or accident, be sure to contact our surgery immediately by phoning us on (02) 4441 5949. The sooner you do this, the sooner you can be treated. If our surgery is currently unattended, ensure you leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we are able.

We usually have an hour and half of emergency time available each operating day, however, it is possible no definitive treatment will be done at this time.

We'll take time to get you out of trouble (and pain) and to provide you with a plan of what we might be able to do.

Important note: For grievous or life threatening injury or trauma, you should call Triple-Zero (000) to request an ambulance, or visit Shoalhaven Hospital's Emergency Department (ED) prior to contacting our surgery. Your local GP may also be able to assist in pain management in the short term.